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Three-Cut Beads also called "3 Facetted Beads" are short glass tubular beads cut with a hexagonal surface and then cut again for maximum sparkle. Due to the double cutting of these beads, they offer brilliant sparkle under lights and sunlight.

The cutting of several randomly placed facets who gives to each Three-Cut Bead a unique shape.

Sold ready-strung (Each package approximately 12g)

8 Strings of beads (Each string approximately 45cm)


Color: 56430 Green Transparent Luster

Bead Dimension: 12/0 (1.9mm)

Made in the Czech Republic


Due to the nature of this product and how the glass is cut, each Three-Cut Bead will differ slightly in length and/or width: they are not uniform.


Please note: Colors on your screen are affected by different monitor settings and web browsers.

Three-Cut Beads 12/0- Green Transparent Luster

  • Dry Cleaning

    Clothing decorated with Three-Cuts can be dry cleaned using common commercial dry cleaning solutions (non-polar organic solvents). The glass and the surface treatment will remain uneffected.



    Hand wash only.



    The shelf life of Three-Cuts will increase when stored in a dry and dark place.

    Color Fastness

    Three-Cuts are color fast when stored in a dry and dark place. When used for common garment and jewelry applications Three-Cuts maintain the same color. The color fastness has been tested according to the European CSN EN ISO 105-B02 Standard.


    Three-Cuts are wear resistant.

  • Preciosa Ornela manufacturing facilities utilize the latest environmentally friendly production technology. When used for their intended purpose all products are free of health hazards.

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