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This 100% polyester metalized thread is suitable for hand and machine embroidery.

This colour has a slightly flecked aspect. As with the other metallized threads, it is gimped, so is composed of a base thread which is covered with a metal-plastic strip. 

On simple threads, this coil is contiguous, whereas here, the coil is not so tightly wound, leaving part of the core thread visible. This is what gives the flecked aspect.


The Fil Au Chinois metallized threads exists in 28 colours.

It must be noted that these threads have nothing to do with those used for goldwork, which do actually contain real gold.


Colour: 103 Brass

Length on spool: 100m of Metallized sewing thread n°40 - 100% polyester.
Diameter of this thread: 0.35mm.


Presented on ivory coloured Polypropylene spools. Which is a recyclable plastic product. (You can toss empty spools right into your recycling bin!)

Size of spool: diameter 2.5cm – length 4.8cm.


made in France since 1947

(Flecked) Metallic Thread (100M) - BRASS


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