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Czech fire polished beads are a popular type of glass beads.

Fire Polished Beads get their name from the hot process they go through to become shiny 

These polished glass beads began to be made 500 years ago in order to imitate the appearance of polished precious stones, while also preserving the option of stringing the beads. In the past, the beads were polished in a kiln fire.


Sold ready-strung (Each package approximately 2g)

1 Strings of beads (Each string approximately 30.5cm and 150 beads)


Color: 00030 Crystal

Bead Dimension: 2mm

Made in the Czech Republic



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Fire Polished Faceted Glass Beads (2mm)- Crystal

  • Dry Cleaning

    Do Not Dry Clean



    Color washing cycle with temperature of up to 40°C (100F) and non-bleach washing liquid will not negatively effect Fire polished beads.



    The shelf life of Fire Polished beads will increase when stored in a dry and dark place.

    Color Fastness

    Fire Polished beads are color fast when stored in a dry and dark place. When used for common garment and jewelry applications Fire Polished beads Charlotte Beads maintain the same color. The color fastness has been tested according to the European CSN EN ISO 105-B02 Standard.


    Fire Polished beads are wear resistant.

  • Preciosa Ornela manufacturing facilities utilize the latest environmentally friendly production technology. When used for their intended purpose all products are free of health hazards. 

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